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Free Hosting

Category: Business & Economy

Free hosting is meant for personal users only. For business website hosting you have to go for Dedicated Server with a good web hosting provider. Choosing a webhost can be a a tough decision and we will guide you how to choose a reliable web host. If you are hosting a personal website you can go for free hosting companies but that sort of companies are usually Advertisement supported and is not recommended for business and ecommmerce websites.

There are few points you must look and see into before you go with a host. Another important reason for this is that most of the host will give you handsome discounts if you pay you upfront hosting fees for one or two years. This is a trap and you should not come in it unless you are sure that a host is a good host and you are not in middle of any where after you pay. Some small hosting companies comes into the business and go out of business soon and as they do it they sell their customers too with their business.

The customers would not know that they are in the hands of a new management and they will not if they are in the hands of good people as sometimes performance can severely deteriote if the servers are over loaded. If you live in Europe you should consider that you host your site in your own continent as your visitors will be from your continent.

Another advantage of hosting in UK or Europe is that it is sort of middle of world like US, Candada on West side and Asia on East side. So if your visitors are scattered all over the globe the best thing would be to consider in hosting in Europe. However if most of your visitors are from USA or Canada you must consider hosting in the continental United states. For other countries of ASIA like Japan, China , Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore , Australia and other you can consider hosting on west coast of USA or Canada for examples with the hosting companies with dataceters on West Coast of United states of America.

This would help you site load faster in these Asian countries. Dedicated servers are a good option if you are getting 1000,s of visitors to your website and also if you want enhanced performance with dedicated resources and you dont want your resources to be shared with any body else. Dedicated servers are more expensive option and is only recommend for the sites which are business sites and which cannot afford to go down in any case.

If you are purchasing a dedicated server also purchase backup package with it so that in case of any mishappening your can have the backup of all your important data. Almost all web hosting providers dedicated server hosting these days and this is not a Cheap hosting method.
If you want a some sort of dedicated resources but with a lesser price than you can go with Virtual Private Server or VPS . Other cheap hosting is cloud hosting and Hybrid hosting providers.

This will make sure that you get the resources with breaking your pockets and bank. So these were the factors which you must consider before you make your final decision before choosing a webhosting services provider

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